Monday, July 14, 2008

24 - A day in the life of a Bipolar Child

I found this article today. It is a long read, but definitely explains a lot.

...Tracy Anglada in Intense Minds describes the microscopically-short fuse of youngsters with bipolar disorder. She says: "Anger is an emotion we all experience...if you get fired from a job, you get angry...if a car runs a red light and narrowly escapes slamming into you, you may feel angry. The anger associated with bipolar disorder in children is different. It is an internal state that requires no outside prompting. It has a fuel all its own. This internal anger is so reactive but with higher intensity and less restraint."
One of the children we interviewed for our book gave a fascinating description as to how he feels when a rage gathers. He explained:
It comes out so quickly; faster than a knee-jerk reaction. It's like electricity shoots through me. It's like being struck with lightening. I feel rage and hurt and a need to strike back. I would be raging every day, multiple times a day, verbally abusive, nasty, negative, but very careful not to show it to the outside world.
A teenager described her rages this way:
I used to go to my room and punch the walls and I couldn't stop crying. It was like a dream you couldn't recover in the morning: You know something bad and worrisome has been a concern somewhere in your brain, but you just can't remember it...

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